Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

Ah the end of 2009, another decade past. In this decade we both graudated from high school and college and also got married - quite a busy decade.

We knew Nema and Olivia were coming into town, but as far as plans for New Years went we didn't have much until we got an invite from Jill to stop by her place for a catered dinner her house was putting together. New Years Eve is also when we signed the lease to our new townhouse, yes we are moving once again and yes it's a huge pain, but nonetheless we managed to find a place. With the day finally done and managing a long nap to battle the exhaustion from our red eye flight the night before we headed over to Jill's to get the night underway. Jill and her roommates had really gone all out on their holiday decorations and their place looked great. Lindsey put together the catered dinner from Maggiano's Little Italy, AMAZING Italian food.

After dinner it was of course time to hit the bars. The group decided to first head over to South and see where the night went from there. After we helped Jill and her roommates shuttle the other people to the bar we met up with Nema and Olivia at their friends house in the Valley. So by about 11:30pm we had made our way over to Nema's friend Bassan's house and were enjoying the last minutes of 2009. Before we knew it it was 2010. We all rang in 2010 with a drink and a toast and after calls to family wishing each other Happy New Year it was seriously getting time for us to crash. We made it back home a little bit later and enjoyed the first 8 or so hours of 2010 asleep.

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  1. i'd like to add something to this...Bessam's house is in Calabasas, not the valley, BIG Difference, trust me, i'm a docotor