Sunday, December 13, 2009

6 Month Anniversary and Christmas Tree

December 13... Ahh 6 months of marriage, how time has flown by. We woke up late this morning and decided that it was high time we got ourselves a Christmas tree and since it was our anniversary we decided to cook a nice dinner for ourselves in celebration. First stop though was to get us a tree!

We usually head for a Christmas tree store that is right on Washington and Centinela, but it was insanely muddy and wearing slippers we realized we were at the wrong Christmas tree lot. So we backtracked and ended up at Shawn's Christmas Tree lot where they had a huge collection of trees in all sizes. After a couple of minutes of looking around and sizing up the different trees we decided our 2-3ft Noble Fir tree.

Once pack home it was time to decorate. We brought out our box of ornaments and lights from the garage, sorry the Christmas lights are Philips brand, and started decorating. We had been worried about the dogs getting into the tree's water bowl and wanting to eat at the tree but they seemed content to leave it alone. Now that the tree was up it was time to start cooking!

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