Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting Our First House!

We started looking at houses for rent right after the honeymoon. Lucas started the search, prowling the web extensively to look for anything and everything in West LA. To tell you that we went to a few “grungy” homes, and we're putting that lightly, would be an understatement; some of those homes should have honestly been condemned. The ironic thing about our house-hunt was that this was the first house we went to see together and it ended up being the house we decided on moving to. It was perfect for us because it was only five miles away from where we worked in Santa Monica.

Though we love the new house we got, it was bittersweet moving out of Avalon Del Rey because it was the home for us for almost a year and a half. It was the first place Lucas and I got together, it was the place we lived in when Lucas and I got engaged and it was the place we came back to after the wedding and honeymoon. There were so many great times in that apartment, but we can’t wait to make more in our new house!

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